The farm

Vigneto Mietitura dl grano Pizzo ricamato Raccolta di pigne

The farm holidays is inserted in a rural village of the Umbria centers them and in front of himself immense making land plots of ground are extended part of the company. A time in lands the cultivations that served to the maintenance of the padronale family and the several families came implanted all that lived and worked in the farm; the landscape was marked in wide measure from long rows of holmiums to which they came joined lives of Trebbiano spoletino.

Today after the advent of modern agriculture in the several plots of ground of the company they come cultivated in wide part hard and tender grain, sunflower, mais. Some cultivations tied to the last times still find space in the farm dedicated to the Star, the farro, the lenticchie and, corroded from the time, lives of Trebbiano let alone the ulivi laity.

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